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Entry #2

As you can see

2008-08-17 07:38:15 by Owl-Towel

Well as you can see i have now made a whole bucnch of animation.
It might not be good animation but its still animation
i did add a video earlier today but for some reason someone blew the whistle on it so sorry you guys couldn't see that ill keep the news spot updated with updates


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2008-08-17 07:44:16

Animations shall rule this world once again!

Owl-Towel responds:

If what you are saying is true... IM GONNA GO GET ME CAMERA!


2008-08-17 14:23:08

There's no need, cause I have one!
I have a girlfriend, I have friends, I have internet friends....
Also I have a summer job... There nothing more I do
need to be happy!
So yeah, at least I'm thinking, when I'm working on flash and my
1st submission ever has passed the judgement.

To me, you are just a simply minded freak, that spends all
his day sitting in front of his computer... So my suggestion
for you is: "Get A Life You Freak''./// skater007


2008-08-19 05:11:33

LOL! is Bodvik Skater's messenger?